British Shorthair Type and Features


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British Shorthair cats
, which have a very long history, have been produced in England since the Victorian period. British Shorthair breed, produced especially for pest control purposes, was seen in almost every house in England. These cats, which soon became an indicator of prestige among the people, also began to appear in beauty contests and cat shows.

The British Shorthair breed suffered great damage, especially after both world wars. These cat species, whose number decreased very much, started to be reproduced with the special effort of the state.

Sizes - Weight

The sizes and weight of the British Shorthair breed vary according to gender. In male cats, the weight ranging from 5 kilograms to 10 kilograms is seen between 3.5 and 6.5 kilograms in females.


This cat breed is especially known for its harmonious character. British Shorthairs, which can easily adapt to any environment, get along very well with people. Although they always like to attract attention, they don't need constant attention, making British Shorthair a good domestic cat.

In purebred British Shorthair, a soft tone is seen. This breed, which has a very sweet meow, also establishes a good bond with its owner. British Shorthair, who enjoys sitting next to the owner, although he does not like sitting on the lap much, does not like to move around on the lap in the same way.

Although this cat breed is quite active and playful in childhood, it gets calmer as you get older. In older British Shorthair, acting is almost completely lost.

The most striking feature of the British Shorthair breed is that it is seen among the most harmless among cat breeds. These cats, who are afraid of harming the environment, can be left alone alone in the home.


The feather structure of the British Shorthair breed is short and soft. In this way, brushing once a week will be enough. Likewise, as with most other cat breeds, you won't need to bathe.

Relationship with Children and Other Animals

If you tell your child that your cat does not like to be carried on the lap, the British Shorthair breed can get along very well with the children. Likewise, British Shorthairs, who get along well with other cats, do not have any problems with dogs.


If you're looking for a savvy cat that will watch TV with you and demand little attention, the British Shorthair is for you.