How should cat reward food be given?


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If you want your cat to listen and be docile, you need to include it in the reward-punishment system, albeit at the tip. One of the most effective ways to train and reward cats is, of course, going through cat food. In this article, detailed answers to questions such as how cat food should be, when it should be given and what it means.

How should the nutritional values of cat food be?

Just like the daily food you feed your cat, when it comes to prize food, you need to make a balanced and healthy food choice that meets all of your cat's nutritional needs. The reward food you prefer for your cat should contain all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs, making it healthier and more balanced. When choosing among cat reward food, attention should be paid to the contents of the package and thorough research should be done on how healthy food it is. Reward foods that do not contain all the necessary nutritional values and are not healthy enough will fail to meet your cat's daily nutritional needs. However, it is beneficial to stay away from high-salt and sodium reward foods. Excessively salty prize foods can cause excessive urine formation as they naturally lead to excessive water consumption, which will be enough to make your cat uneasy during the day.

How to choose a cat reward food?

The answer to this question is somewhat complicated; Because before purchasing prize food for your cat, you need to consider the cat's weight, age and special health requirements. In addition to being nutritious, the biggest advantage it offers is that it offers a unique opportunity to spend time with your cat. You can strengthen the bond between your cat and your cat thanks to the no reward, as well as make him miss you and be happy to see you when you come home after work.

If you can understand the content of an award food and know your cat's needs, it is quite possible to choose an award food that will protect it from obesity, diabetes and similar health problems.

How should cat reward food be given?

Do not miss the measure: Just like humans, cats can have an unstoppable desire for reward food. This can reach such a point that your cat can give up its daily dry food just to eat prize food. Therefore, experts emphasize that it is useful to limit cat food to 2-3 per week.

Be careful about “human” food: The food that people eat is also a reward for your cat. The food produced for cats is formulated to contain the vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs for its health. In order to reward your cat once in a while, it is possible to give him small pieces of cheese or foods such as cooked meat, chicken, fish. Milk can also be a reward food; However, in order to prevent diarrhea, it is useful to keep 1 tablespoon per week at a level that does not exceed.

Avoid foods that may be poisonous: Grapes, onions, alcohol, salt, and tea are deadly harmful foods for your cat, so you should be careful that whatever reward food you give is not in them.

Do not let it beg: Be careful not to do this at the dinner table or at the insistence of your cat while giving your cat food for the reward; otherwise, you reward begging in this way.

If you have an overweight cat, you need to be extra careful about the prize food.

Give reward food for entertainment and sports: Aim to give your cat food for the operation of both your brain and body. Try to give him agility or try to give him some food after trying to teach a few tricks. This experience will be a great entertainment session especially for domestic cats living only in the home.

Be careful not to replace love and compassion by not being rewarded: cats do not need much; all they need is a healthy regime, a safe home and of course plenty of love and care. If your time is limited, it is highly probable that you will find that the reward food is equivalent to taking care of your cat; But remember that nothing can be as valuable and meaningful as the time your cat spends while caressing it on your lap. To connect with it, first of all, take the quality time you spend with it, not the cat reward food.

Prepare natural and organic cat reward food by yourself: Thanks to different recipes you can search online, you can make healthy and natural reward food.