How To Be A Goldfish Aquarium


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If you want to feed goldfish, it is very important that you can create a suitable aquarium environment for them. How and where you position your goldfish aquarium is among the factors that determine how much care and attention the aquarium will require. It should not be forgotten that the same aquarium with a standard size and standard content for each fish will not work. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to some special considerations when setting up a goldfish aquarium. Here are important tips on how the goldfish aquarium should be.

When Placing Glass Aquarium

When filling your aquarium with water for the first time, you should place it on a flat and level surface to prevent the glass at the bottom from cracking. The same is true for aquariums with stands. You should make sure that the top of the stand is flat and has no protrusions such as adhesive or screws. Most glass aquariums have a styrofoam square to place underneath it. This styrofoam is designed to allow you to eliminate even the slightest imbalance that can take place on the surface. Before putting water, you need to make sure that the aquarium and the area under the stand, if any, can handle all the weight that will come with the water.

Where to Place the Goldfish Aquarium?

When searching for locations in an aquarium, you need to consider these three golden rules:

  1. Do not place it where it will get direct sun.
  2. So don't put it in a place where it gets sun.
  3. Direct or indirect; Do not place it where it will receive artificial light.

It should be remembered that when setting up an aquarium for goldfish, the light will be both your best friend and your worst enemy. Most aquariums have their own lighting systems. These systems release light in an ideal ratio and structure so that the plants in your aquarium can grow balanced and your fish will not be damaged by light. When you have a stronger light source near the aquarium, you will completely disrupt this balance. Since the light hitting the aquarium should always be under control, you can use a timer to achieve this control.

How Should The Sand Used In The Aquarium Be?

If you plan to have live plants in the aquarium, the sand you will put in it must be at least 6 centimeters deep. The sand should be smooth and as thin as possible to easily plant your plants. This delicacy also serves to keep the aerobic bacteria of the sand healthy.

In addition, goldfish aquarium sand should be as dark as possible in order for the fish to be beautifully colored. The light-colored aquarium sand causes the fish to become faint while trying to adapt to the color scheme and their environment. Some goldfish even appeared to stretch in light sand.

Ventilation Problem

Aquarium aeration is used for the circulation of water in the aquarium. While ventilation is running, more water is transported to the surface, so that oxygen enters and carbon dioxide comes out. The organ that provides circulation is largely a filter.

However, there are several problems when it comes to ventilation. First of all, aquarium aeration is very noisy and they can create bothersome noise for both the aquarium host fish and fish owners. In addition, the electromagnetic parts inside the ventilation cause it to vibrate loudly again. Finally, the possibility of the bubbles emerging when the aeration runs out of the aquarium may be another problem caused by the aeration.

When you consider all these, it is useful to choose a model that is quality and fully compatible with your aquarium while taking aeration for your aquarium.

How to Decorate a Goldfish Aquarium?

What kind of ornaments to add to the aquarium is directly related to what kind of goldfish you feed. The object must have no cutter, piercing or pointed part before choosing any ornaments. Some goldfish have lower vision than others, so they may not be careful enough for this type of pointed ornaments.

In addition, the fewer ornaments and unnecessary objects you keep in the aquarium, the better for the health of your fish. If you want to use rock in your aquarium, you need to make sure that the rocks are of good quality and that the water does not affect the pH value after long-term use of water. The same is true for seashells; The soluble calcium can make the water alkaline.

Which Plants Can Be Used in a Goldfish Aquarium?

First of all, it is worth noting that goldfish begin to eat the plants in the aquarium especially when they are malnourished and hungry. For this reason, it is beneficial to be extra careful when choosing an aquarium plant.

For the background, you can choose a plant from the group of Vallisneria, for the front you can use the plants Higrofila or Ludwigia Arcuata.