How To Do Eye Cleaning In Dogs?


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How cute, friendly, happy and peaceful your dog's face is, right? Dogs have the ability to pass on many different sensations to us humans using only their faces. At the same time, these faces and eyes that look at the depths of our soul and hit us from the most sensitive point of our heart ... What about the cleaning of the eyes with such a potential? To be realistic, dogs love to put their noses, mouths, and almost all of their face in many different foreign materials, from rubbish to soil, from food containers to shoes. This inevitably causes stains, dirt and dust to form on their faces. Whether short or long-haired; It is certain that each dog needs face and eye cleaning at regular intervals. How to clean eyes in dogs, let's take a look together.


Before You Begin

The ideal time to clean your dog's eyes is, of course, during bath time. When bathing your dog, it is not enough just to focus on your body; Eye care, which directly affects vision and eye health, is also an important part of the bathroom.

However, there is no need to wait for bath sessions to do regular eye care for your dog. As you realize that burrs and similar substances accumulate in your eyes, you can apply to this cleaning routine and you can always have clean and well-groomed eyes.

Pay Attention When Cleaning Your Dog's Eyes!

Use a soft clean cloth. Make sure that you buy the diaper you will use, preferably from a petshop and is suitable for use on dogs. Moisten the cloth with water at room temperature, try not to use more water than necessary. If you wet the diaper more than necessary, your dog will feel wet and uncomfortable. The important thing here is to make your dog feel as comfortable as possible.

Avoid paper towels, napkins and wipes. When they get wet, this type of paper product is scattered, leaving the risk of small particles in your dog's eyes, so it is always more logical to use a washcloth or towel. Before using wet wipes, you should definitely check its content and make sure that there is no substance that will harm your dog's eyes. Since you can not know each item individually, it is better not to use wet wipes.

Be careful to be slow but stiff when wiping your eyes. Just use as much power as you need and reduce the pressure you apply as you get around the eyes. If the burrs you are trying to clean are stubborn, continue to try by wetting your cloth a little more.

Take care to keep soap and shampoo usage to a minimum. When it comes to facial cleansing, you don't need anything other than lukewarm water; be careful not to use soap or shampoo around your dog's eyes.

How To Clean Dogs' Eyes

  1. Moisten your cloth by gently soaking it in warm water.
  2. First moisten the area around the eyes by moistening it, and remove the dirt that has accumulated there and remove it.
  3. Take care not to erase the eye itself in any way; Even the smallest foreign matter that enters your dog's eye can seriously damage your eyes and vision.
  4. Take advantage of dog-made eye solutions to remove tear marks that accumulate around the eyes.
  5. If your dog has an area around your eyes that you want to clean, or a stain you want to remove, use a well-soaked cotton ball instead of a diaper. As soon as the threads of cotton begin to spread, stop using that cotton and move on to a new one.
  6. Repeat this routine regularly every 10 days-2 weeks.

Of course, not every dog owner may be brave enough to clean his dog's eyes on his own. If you are afraid of harming your little friend and are afraid to clean your eyes with your own hands, you can take him to a vet you trust with peace of mind.