How to Understand Hamster Gender?


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Have you ever wondered whether your hamster is a girl or a boy and have never been able to find a method to solve it? If you love your little furry friend too but do not know which gender it belongs to yet, you will be able to end your troubles with this guide.

When it comes to the sex of the hamsters, this issue is more important than you think; especially if you have more than one hamster and don't want them to mate. It is possible to determine the gender of a hamster by using this method which consists of only a few steps to determine the gender. Let us state in advance: your hamster will not like what you did to him during this process, but it is only a matter of time before both sides get comfortable with a mini procedure that will take a very short time.

How Do I Hold My Hamster While Looking At Its Gender?

It is very important to watch the right moment to approach your hamster before placing it in an area where he cannot escape; After all, you need to look at her bottom to find out her gender. Taking a sleepy or stressed hamster in your hand and pinching it can do more harm than good. After coinciding with a moment when the hamster is comfortable and active, have a few pieces of cereal on hand to attract his attention and caress him with plenty of compassion. Hamsters do not like to stand back, so it is very important that you treat him as kindly as possible.

While creating an area that Hamster cannot escape, you can take advantage of a deep container or a cardboard box furnished with a towel. However, before placing your little friend in the bowl, you have to move calmly and keep it right. The right grip; After placing your palm under the hamster, placing your index finger and thumb on the loose skin behind your hamster's neck. When you hold it in this way, you will not only hurt the animal, but also prevent it from biting you. When the animal is in this position, you are ready to perform a gender examination when you turn it upside down.

How to Identify Gender in Adult Hamsters?

To determine the sex of your hamster, you can first look at its size. Male hamsters are always smaller than female hamsters. If you do not have a hamster to compare, naturally, determining the gender by using this method will not be very healthy.

When the size test does not work, it comes to examine the area just below the queue. Hamsters usually reach sexual maturity at the age of 35 days. In adult hamsters, you should be able to easily detect gender differences. After examining the genital area under the tail of your hamster that you hold upside down, there are two alternatives you can encounter: If you are faced with almond-shaped testicles and protruding hips, your hamster is a man. On the other hand, if you come across a receding and inward back, you have a female hamster. However, female hamsters have at least 3-4 protruding nipples.

If you still have difficulties in determining the sex of your hamster despite all the examinations and tests you have done, your pet probably has not reached sexual maturity yet. You can wait up to a month to try again, or visit a qualified vet.