Keep the turtle away from the lanterns


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On the first day you bought your water turtle, is there a plastic bell jar recommended by the petshop employee? It is actually a death fan that leads him to the end of his life rather than a living space for your turtle. These small plastic aquariums, where water turtles are most commonly kept, turn into a shelter that calls death for turtles. Moreover, although its side effects and harms are becoming more and more common, these death barrels are still sold in some pethsops. Be you; Do not provide these plastic lanes for your turtle and keep them away from the death lanes.

What is the Best Shelter for Turtles?

The ideal environment for a water turtle is a glass-covered aquarium. It is very important that the aquarium is large and can receive plenty of water. In addition, it should be large enough to meet the filter and lighting equipment that turtles need for a healthy life.

Water turtles are animals that can breathe both in water and on land. Therefore, the design of the aquarium should be in a structure that will provide both environments. On the one hand, it should have a depth of water that the turtle can dive on, and on the other hand, it should also have a rocky area where the turtle can easily climb and spend black time.

Water turtles fall into hibernation, also called hibernation in the winter. In aquariums where more than one water turtle is fed, it is very important that there is a wet and deep area where every turtle can hibernate. Likewise, the necessary light, temperature and filtering environments must be adjusted in order to fulfill their vital functions during hibernation.

Why are Plastic Death Lanterns Harmful to Turtles?

The damages of the plastic turtle aquariums, which we call the "death fan", do not end with counting. First of all, these lanterns are produced no more than 20-30 centimeters wide. This measure is as far as possible from the space required for a water turtle to live a happy life. An aquarium with an adult turtle should be at least 60 square centimeters, while these plastic lanterns are insufficient to meet these standards. Lack of space causes the turtle to lose its mobility by restricting the movement and physical activity it needs in its natural life.

There is a need for light sources that domestic water turtles that do not live in the wild can easily find in nature. Large glass aquariums contain add-ons to accommodate this light source, while death lanes have such an area. This prevents the turtle from getting the light it needs and prevents its healthy development.

Another factor that is necessary for a water turtle to live a healthy and happy life is the filter. Aquarium filters are tools for cleaning, filtering and regeneration of the water in the aquarium. These tools, on the one hand, adjust the temperature and pH value of the water, and on the other hand, ensure that there is always fresh and fresh water in the aquarium. There is no plug-in or area for the filter in the death lanes just like the light source. Turtles living in the death fan are condemned to live in a bacterial water within a very short time if not cleaned regularly. This affects them both medically and mentally, and can cause discontinuation even without eating.

Do Not Buy Death Fan, Never mind!

If you are feeding a water turtle or planning to get a water turtle as a pet, you should understand the difference between these two aquariums very well and you should not make the mistake of getting a death fan. In order to grow healthy, happy and long-lasting aquatic turtles, you should buy the right aquarium, and establish and design it correctly, providing the ideal environment for your turtle. Keep in mind; One of the biggest evils you can do for him is to take out the plastic death bells and feed your turtle in it.