Which Cat Litter is Better?


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If you have a cat or cats, it is most likely that the choice of cat litter is one of the things you pay attention to when buying supplies. Especially if you own a new cat and you are going to have a cat for the first time, you should definitely be wondering which cat litter to use and which cat litter is better. Although it seems easy to choose between cat litter in the first place, it can become a difficult choice when you don't know exactly what you want and can't decide which sand will be the best for your cat. Do not worry; Which cat litter is better, what are the types of cat litter and which features should be chosen, they are all waiting for you in this guide.

What are Cat Litter Types?

Before answering the question of which cat litter is better, it is necessary to take a close look at the types and brands of cat litter. As a matter of fact, it is possible to collect cat litter in two main groups without getting too confused: Bentonite cat litter and silica cat litter.

Bentonite Cat Litter: As can be understood from its name, bentonite cat litters, which are produced from a special material called bentonite, are composed of clays in the form of sand grain. Bentonite sands, which are successful in clumping and turn into a large powder upon contact with liquid, have a light gray-beige color.

Bentonite Cat Litter

Silica Cat Litter: Silica sands are produced from a material called silica, as you can see from its name. Silica cat litter has a structure similar to small diamond grains rather than sand grains; that is, it is coarser than bentonite sands. Some of the silica sands also contain small blue grains for scent.

Which Cat Litter is Better: Bentonite or Silica?

After examining the characteristic and physical properties of both cat litter, it is time to compare the two. After examining this comparison, you can decide which cat litter is better for you and your cat:

Odor: Silica cat litter is more successful than bentonite cat litter in trapping and not spreading the odor.
Clumping: Silica cat litter is almost the place to say that it does not clump. Liquid waste left by your cat on silica sand stays on the sand as it is, causing only sand to turn yellow. On the other hand, bentonite sand has the feature of direct agglomeration and hardening, especially depending on the quality of the cat litter brand. Thus, it becomes much easier and practical to clean the waste sand inside the cat toilet.

Dusting: Since Bentonite cat litter is made up of fine-grained clay, it can create dust around it, especially when the package is first opened and poured into the toilet. This pollination can occur at any time of use, when the sand brand you choose is not quality and reliable. There is no risk of such pollination in silica sands.

Health: Experts and veterinarians emphasize that bentonite sands are a healthier choice for your cat than silica sands.
Long-term use: Because it clumps quickly, bentonite sand causes large and small lumps to accumulate in the toilet in a short time, which leads to a decrease in clean and usable sand in the toilet. On the other hand, since the silica cat litter does not clump, its amount does not decrease; however, silica grains that remain dirty for a long time can accelerate the formation of bacteria.

Hygiene & Cleaning: Bentonite sands provide higher hygiene compared to silica sands as it clumps and traps bacteria into its hard structure.

Price: It is not possible to compare prices between both cat litter; because cat litter prices may differ according to the brand you choose and the quality of the sand.
Which Cat Litter is Better?

To decide which cat litter is better, you should first contact your veterinarian and get his expert opinion. Then, you should have the cat litter you get on the recommendation tested by the most important decision maker, that is, your cat and leave it to the final decision. As long as your cat is satisfied with the sand, your toilet and sand cleaning will be easier, so you will benefit from the cat sand you have provided.